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PT Sejahtera Mitra Trisukses is a privately held company that is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our main goal is to become the premier provider for specialty and commodity chemicals in Indonesia. We will leverage our customer base and position in the market to offer best sales value as well as comprehensive after sales and service, custom chemical requirements, and expert advice.

Our Services

Chemical Supplier and Trading
We are one of the prominent suppliers of chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials for diverse applications and uses, servicing a wide range of industries, the food, cosmetic, nutrition, flavor, resin, and drug industries. SM Chemical team has the expertise in both sourcing and logistics management, needed to provide exceptional and reliable chemical supply solutions for its customers and partners.
Expert Advice and Consultation
The global market for chemicals is one of the most turbulent industries in the world. Upstream shifts in the cost and availability of both conventional and unconventional feedstocks are forcing companies to evaluate geographic and product portfolios. To each client engagement, SM Chemical brings deep chemicals market experience and the ability to draw lessons learned for a tailored expert advice in developing your business.
Material Handling and Training
Chemical handling is a tough task and can sometimes be hazardous if people are not equipped with proper safety equipment and training. We in SM Chemical, above all means, put safety as our top priority. We provide whole array of ongoing, long-term improvement of employees' skills, enabling them to fulfill their duties safely.

Our Customers

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Grand Slipi Tower Lt 5 unit F Jl S Parman kav 22-24 Jakarta, Indonesia
Customer Support
E-mail: support@sejahteramitra.com Phone: (+62) 21-2986 6319

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